Group Visits and Workshops

Group Visits:

A group visit includes an individual clinical evaluation followed by a 60- to 90-minute educational session that provides in-depth integrative information related to a specific illness. These visits offer patients an opportunity to interact with each other and to share and learn with those who are experiencing similar illnesses.

Asthma: Integrative Care and Prevention

A series of three, two hour group visists is available to asthma patients, twelve years of age and older.  Participants are examined and evaluated individually  to assess asthma severity and to determine whether their current treatment is the best one for them.

Group discussions review state-of-the-art medical management, asthma triggers, prevention, and proper use of inhalers, spacers and peak flow meters.
Participants receive infomatin relating to how nutrition with whole foods can modify the symptoms of allergies and inflammation.  Also discusses is the  value and safety of some utritional supplements and  herbs used for allergies and asthma.  Training in basic breathing exercises, yoga postures, self-hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery is included.

Elevated Lipids and Cholesterol: An Integrative Approach to Optimize Levels

A series of four, two-hour group visits is designed for patients with elevated lipids and cholesterol. Participants are examined and evaluated individually to assess cardiovascular risk, nutrition, exercise and stress levels as well as to determine if their lipid management is optimal. The group visits review factors that contribute to cardiovascular risk and increasing levels of lipids and insulin and address how they can be decreased with whole foods, exercise and stress reduction. Also reviewed are genetic influences, indications for medications, their side effects profile, and the most current evidence-based information on supplements and vitamins.

Menopause - An Integrative Approach to Management

A series of three, two-hour group visits is available for pre- and post-menopausal.Each participant will be examined and evaluated individually in order to assess their specific menopausal symptoms and avenues of treatment. The physiological symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, cognitive difficulties, etc. will be discussed in detail. We will also explore the cultural attitudes associated with this transition and learn about several approaches to ease symptoms including hormone therapy (conjugated estrogen and bioidentical hormones), herbal remedies, nutritional medicine, exercise, and mind/body techniques such as breathing and meditation techniques.

Osteoporosis: An Integrative Approach to Prevention and Management

A series of five, two-hour group visits concentrates on the prevention and management of osteoporosis. Participants are examined and evaluated individually to assess their risk of fracture and to determine if the management of their bone loss is optimal. The group visits review osteoporosis in an integrative, holistic fashion with focus on measures that may be added to conventional treatment such as nutrition with whole foods, supplements, yoga and exercise to improve hip and spine bone density. Conventional monitoring techniques and medical interventions with hormone replacement therapy and drugs are thoroughly discussed.

Refresher Sessions

Some group visits are followed up by refresher sessions as a way to assess patients' progress and to provide up-to-date information about their illnesses.


Patients are charged only for the individual visit component of each group visit and are expected to pay their usual co-payment at the time of the visit.



Workshops vary from a single session to a series of sessions but do not provide individual visits. They do offer group educational experiences that include presentations, discussions and the teaching of techniques that can help individuals manage specific matters of health and well being. 

Stress Management

A series of six 90-minute workshops focuses on meditation as a core tool for stress management. The group is introduced to several forms of meditation including breathing techniques, the stress relaxation response, mindfulness meditation, walking meditations, heart-centered meditations and others. Other aspects of stress management discussed are sound nutrition, movement, sleep practices, time management and prioritization, awareness of thought patterns and related emotions.


The cost to attend the stress management workshops is $120 for six sessions.

The attendance fee for all the workshops must be paid in full at the time of registration. Most insurance carriers do not reimburse for the costs of workshops.

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