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  1. Selecting will expose the additional information.

  2. Every medical student at Stony Brook School of Medicine is expected to take the Step I exam promptly after the end of the second year and before the beginning of the third year. Under extenuating circumstances with approval from the Dean’s Office, a student may delay taking the Step I exam if requested by June 1st. In all situations, students are REQUIRED to take the Step I examination within six months of completion of the second year of school. In the event of a student failing the first attempt at the Step I examination, the repeat examination has to be taken within six months of the first attempt date.

    A student who fails the first take of the USMLE Step 1 exam may complete the clerkship being taken when the failing grade is reported. The student must then retake Step 1 before continuing with any other coursework. After retaking Step 1 and while awaiting the results, the student may restart clinical rotations by taking a short (2 or 4 week) elective. If the student passes the second take of Step 1, he or she may resume the third year clerkships. A student who receives a second failing score will immediately stop clinical rotations and receive no credit for any coursework that has not been completed. A student who has failed Step 1 a second time will not be permitted to begin further coursework until Step 1 is passed.

  3. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may request a delay in these deadlines by submitting a written petition signed by the student's advisor to the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education.

  4. The language or ideas taken from others may range from isolated formulas, sentences, or paragraphs to entire sections of books, periodical articles, speeches, or the writings of others. Plagiarism also includes offering someone else's work as one's own or submitting, without acknowledgment, materials assembled or collected by others in the form of projects or collections. Additional information about Plagiarism is available to students in CBase and at various orientation programs.

  5. Typically 6 weeks after the end of clinical courses, 3 weeks at the end of non-clinical courses.

  6. The request must be presented within 5 days of the date of the posting of the grade. The request must be in writing and specify the reasons for the reconsideration. The course director must respond in writing within a week of receipt of the request.

  7. Students who repeat a year may, at the discretion of the CAS, be permitted to place out of classes in which they scored at or above the class mean during the failed year.

  8. If a student fails an NBME subject exam twice, and thereby fails the clerkship, the student must remediate that clerkship and retake the NBME subject exam before starting a new rotation. A student who has successfully completed the clinical portion of the remediation may, while awaiting the subject exam score, take a 2 or 4 week elective. The student who receives a passing score on the subject exam may proceed with other coursework. The student who receives a failing score must stop coursework pending review by CAS. If the failing score is received before the student has completed the elective, no credit will be given. If the failing score is reported after the student has successfully completed the elective, he or she will be given credit for the elective.

  9. “Marginal performance” is determined by the number of Failing or Low Pass grades a student receives. An F or LP in the following courses will constitute 2 points each: The Body, Cells, Neuroscience I, Physiology, Pathology, Foundations, Microbiology, Pharmacology and MCS2. An F or an LP in any of the ten System Course Segments will constitute 1 point each. Each failure of a USMLE Step I examination will constitute 3 points. In the clinical years, a failure of any NBME exam or an F or LP grade in any course will each constitute 2 points. A student who accumulates a total of fourteen (14) points in the first 2 years of medical school or sixteen (16) points during the first 3 years of medical school will be considered to have a marginal academic performance irrespective of other grades. Said student will be automatically referred to the Committee on Academic Standing and may be at risk for dismissal from the school.

    Additionally, a student with a Step I exam failure and three failures of NBME subject exams, regardless of the total number of marginality points or remediation, will be automatically referred to the Committee on Academic Standing and may be at risk for dismissal from the school.

  10. A student who receives two incompletes or "Z's" cumulatively must stop rotations immediately and retake failed exams and complete other unmet requirements before starting other course work. The student may start an elective rotation while waiting for score reports from retaken exams. If a failing exam is reported during the ensuing rotation, the student must stop the rotation and remediate the failed course.
  11. Make Up Exam Policy: What to do when you fail a course in first or second year:

    1. Student selects a make-up date by looking at the official school calendar for posted make up dates
    2. Student emails Neill Clenaghan and lets him know the choice of date at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date
    3. Neill emails Dr. London to see if the student is eligible to take an exam (i.e. the student has not failed 3 first year courses or 3 Systems segments, so they are eligible)
    4. Dr. London responds to Neill and cc's the course director so that they know when the student is taking the exam
    5. Neill emails the details to the student (when the exam will be available for them to take)
    6. Neill emails the results to the course director so a final grade can be calculated, and to Mary Jean Allen and Dr. London for tracking purposes
    7. If the make-up is an NBME or customized NBME, student should see Dr. London at least 4 weeks prior to the test date with choice of date so exam can be ordered on time. Student may not take 2 NBME’s on the same date.
    8. It is recommended that second year students take make ups close to the end of the course instead of leaving it for the end of the year when they will be studying for Step 1.