Residency Program Practicum Training: Occupational Medicine Clinic at Brookhaven National Laboratory

The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a component of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), a national research center located in Upton, NY, and currently operated by Brookhaven Science Associates for the United States Department of Energy. The Occupational Medicine Clinic provides a complete range of occupational health services to the employees of Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Manager of the Clinic reports to the Manager of Human Resources and Occupational Medicine, who in turn reports to the Director of the Laboratory. During this BNL rotation residents will have the opportunity, among other objectives, to: d esign and/or develop a comprehensive occupational health program in a multi-function research and development organization; understand occupational medicine program components and their value in preventive health care, including wellness and employee assistance programs; understand how to design, manage, and query computerized systems that support occupational health programs; identify ethical and/or cultural issues that relate to policies, risks, and interventions in the workplace; understand the design, scope, and importance of an adequate occupational history; assess individual risk for occupational and non-occupational disorders using appropriate tools, including health risk appraisals, screening tools, and industrial hygiene reports; and learn to make appropriate preventive health care recommendations to workers, based upon accepted medical standards and health risk assessments.

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