Recent Grants


While not currently active grants, the list of recently funded projects below provides an overview of the faculty research interests in the Department of Preventive Medicine. Follow the links below to obtain more information on an individual project.

Key Words

Grant Title

Funding Agency


Peer Support

Peer Support - Congestive Heart Failure Self-Management


R01 HL085420

BROWN:Co- Investigator

Residency Education

Occupational and environmental medicine residency training (renewal)           

CDC/NIOSH TPG T01 OH008612-05

MEYER: Principal Investigator 


Clinical Research Curriculum Award

National Institute of Health Grant. 1K30RR022285-01.

(PI: Marie Gelato) 

HYMAN: Curriculum Director CHEN: Course Director (15%)

SCHOENFELD: Course Director


Planning Grant

CTSA Planning Grant

National Center for Research Resources grant # P20RRO23577

HYMAN: Co-Investigator

Pediatric Center Funding

NYS Network of Pediatric Environmental Centers of Excellence

NYS Department of Health Contract


KAPLAN-LISS: Principal Investigator/ Director

Center Funding, Climate Change

Center for Impacts of Regional Climate Change (CIRCC)

Stony Brook University - Brookhaven National Laboratory  Seed Grant

(Co-PIs: C. Wirick (BNL), J. Levinton (SBU) )

MELIKER: Research Faculty


Exhibit Funding

Deadly Medicine Exhibit – Creating the Master Race

The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation

POST: Principal Investigator

Eye Disease

Collaborative Observational Study of Myopia in COMET Children (COSMICC) Phase II Coordinating Center

National Eye Institute grant #EY011805-08

HYMAN: Principal Investigator 

DIAS: Study Coordinator

SCHOENFELD: Co-Investigator

Eye Disease, Risk Analysis

Completion of Data Analyses for Risk Factors for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The Macula Foundation, Inc.

HYMAN: Principal Investigator 


Chemotherapy, Side Effects

mtDNA Damage from Chemotherapy in Pediatric Cancer Survivors

Stony Brook Research Foundation (Targeted Research Opportunity Grant)

CHEN: Principal Investigator

Ovarian Cancer

Reducing the Burden of Ovarian Cancer: A Lifetime Approach

State of New York Department of Health, Cancer Services Program

(PI: Eva Chalas)

GOLDSTEEN: Co-Principal Investigator

Breast and Prostate Cancer, Database

Database of Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients on Long Island


Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Project budget  (B-02-SP-NY-0495)

KOVACH: Principal Investigator

SCHOENFELD: Co- Investigator

Colorectal Cancer, Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening Demonstration Program

Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. U55/CCU22501701.

LANE: Project Director

Cancer Screening, Elderly

Decision-Making about Cancer Screening Among Older Women  (Women’s Health Initiative Ancillary Study)


R21 CA118651-01A1

MESSINA: Principal Investigator

CHEN: Co-investigator

LANE: Co-investigator

Cancer Screening, Minority

Development and feasibility test of an innovative, tailored intervention to promote mammography screening in Chinese American women



SBU Multi -disciplinary research initiation grant





Suffolk County Preventive Endoscopy Project





Co-Investigator/ Data Manager for Systems and Evaluation


Health Literacy, Cancer Screening

Health Literacy, Decision Making, and Cancer Screening


SBU Seed Grant  for Survey Research Program


MESSINA: Principal Investigator


Cancer Clustering

Cancer Clustering for Residential Histories

US NIH/NCI: R44 CA117171-02

MELIKER: Co-Investigator

Space Time Analysis, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Space-Time Clustering of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma


US NIH/NCI: R03 CA125827-01A2


MELIKER: Principal Investigator


Space Time Analysis, Testicular Cancer

Space-Time Clustering of Testicular Cancer

US NIH/NIEHS: R21 ES015501-01


MELIKER: Principal Investigator/ Co- Principal Investigator

{Became Co-PI to preserve lower indirect

costs when moved to Stony Brook}

Exposures, Space Time Analysis

Reconstructing Exposure Using Space-Time Information System

US NIH/NCI: R43 CA132341-01 

MELIKER: Principal Investigator/ Co- Principal Investigator

{Became Co-PI to satisfy SBIR requirement when moved to Stony Brook}

Satellite Imagery

Automated Pattern Recognition in Satellite Imagery

US NIH/NCI: HHSN261200700061C


MELIKER: Co- Principal Investigator

J. Meliker


Biological Exposure

Psychogenic Illness in Response to Pandemic or Mass Biological Exposure: Development of Experimental Model

Stony Brook University Medical Center Pandemic Influenza Seed funding - TRO

(PI: Joan Broderick)

KAPLAN-LISS: Co- Investigator


Women’s Health Initiative, Stony Brook Clinical Center and WHI Extension Study Field Center 

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Contract No. NO1-WH-4-2115.


LANE: Principal Investigator

GRANEK: Co Principal Investigator (9/98-9/10)

Alcohol, Occupational Health

Work Characteristics, alcohol use disorders, and occupational injury.                 

CDC/NIOSH 1 R03 OH009666-01

MEYER: Principal Investigator 


Osteoporosis Regional Resource Center for Long Island

New York State Department of Health

SCHOENFELD: Principal Investigator



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