Evaluation of a Newly Designed Device for Breast Cancer Screening

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Evaluation of a Newly Designed Device for Breast Cancer Screening

Funding Agency:

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Principal Investigator:Barbara Nemesure, PhD

AIMS: This study was developed to address an ongoing need to identify viable, cost-effective screening options for breast cancer, especially among younger women for whom mammography is not an option. The study aims to recruit 150 women (75 with incident breast cancer and 75 normal healthy controls) to evaluate the effectiveness and technical performance of a new, non-invasive instrument designed to detect cellular changes in the breast, years before they could be detected by palpation, mammography or other imaging techniques.  The conception, development and implementation of this study was led by Dr. Nemesure.  She assembled a team of pathologists, breast surgeons, epidemiologists and imaging specialists to participate in the project and was successful in obtaining support from the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) at Stony Brook University’s Medical Center to assist with the study’s Data Management and Nursing needs.

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