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The Department of Preventive Medicine is involved in numerous facets of research, including but not limited to: alturism, quality of life, aging, sleep, education and faculty development, violence, eye disease, diabetes, environmental and occupational exposures, prevention, and cancer/cancer screening. Some projects are short term, while others may last 15 years. Follow the links below to obtain more information on an individual project.

Key Words

Grant Title

Funding Agency


Altruistic Behavior

Physiological Effects of Helping Behavior

NSF (#0820609 )

BROWN: Principal Investigator

Altruistic Behavior

Neural Circuitry Underlying Altruistic Behavior

Notre Dame/ Templeton (14229)

BROWN: Principal Investigator


The Pursuit of Happiness: Scientific, Theological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Love of God, Neighbor, and Self

The John Templeton Foundation


Emory University

POST: Co-Principal Investigator

Altruism, Alcoholism

Helping Others: The 12th Step to Sobriety

The John Templeton Foundation

POST: Co-Investigator



The Flame of Love

The John Templeton Foundation

POST: Co-Principal Investigator

Decision Management, Peer Support

Improving Depression Management through Peer Support

VA Health Services Research and Development Program

IRR 08-325  


BROWN: Co- Investigator

Peer Support

Peer Support - Congestive Heart Failure Self-Management


R01 HL085420

BROWN: Co- Investigator

Quality of Life

Measuring quality of life in an older chronically ill population

National Institute of Aging 1R21AG030177


SMITH: Principal Investigator


Quality of Life, Elderly, Ill

ARRA Supplement: Measuring quality of life in an older chronically ill population

National Institute of Aging


SMITH: Principal Investigator


Aging, Occupational Health

Aging, musculoskeletal disorders and work capacity

CDC/NIOSH 1 R01 OH008929

MEYER: Co- Investigator   

Aging, Database

Harmonization of Longitudinal Cross-National Surveys of Aging

National Institute of Aging 1R21AG032456-01A1 

BROWN/SMITH: Co- Investigator

Elderly, Osteo-Arthritics

Fatigue among Older Adult Leg Osteoarthritics

Department of Veterans Affairs

SMITH: Co-Investigator

Sleep, Elderly

The REST Study: A longitudinal, bidirectional examination of retirement and sleep. 

National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging

R01 AG036838

(PI:  Paul Peppard (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


HALE: Co-Investigator  (PI on Stony Brook subcontract)

Sleep, Children

Disadvantaged Children:  Predictors & Outcomes of Sleep Behaviors

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development R21HD060208 

HALE: Principal Investigator

Cultural Competency

Teaching and Assessing Cultural Competency using Objective Structured Teaching

Exercises (OSTEs): Training the Trainers


Stony Brook Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Diversity Initiatives

MYLONA: Principal Investigator

LU: Co-Principal Investigator


Cultural Competency, Teamwork, Communication

Communication Inter-professional Teamwork Initiative (CITI): New Health Professional Cultural Competency Interdisciplinary Curriculum Model

Stony Brook Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Diversity Initiatives


KAPLAN-LISS: Principal Investigator

Residency Training

Preventive Medicine Residency Training Grant 

Health Resources and Services Administration,

Public Health Service, HHS. Grant No.  1D33HP1003701.


LANE: Project Director

Residency Training

Residency Training Award

American Cancer Society Preventive Medicine

LANE: Project Director

Faculty Development

Community Faculty Development on Medical Ethics and Professionalism: Designing

and Implementing Objective Structured Teacher Exercise (OSTE)


Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) and the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation

MYLONA: Principal Investigator

LU: Co-Principal Investigator


Sexual Violence, Peer Education

Peer Education Program to Prevent Sexual Violence

Avon Foundation (PI: Smita Majumdar)


HAMMOCK: Consultant

Violence against Women

Stony Brook University Violence Against Women Prevention and Response Project

Department of Justice

(PI: Smita Majumdar)


HAMMOCK: Consultant

Myopia, Eye Disease

Collaborative Observational Study of Myopia in COMET Children 2 (COSMICC2):  Coordinating Center

National Eye Institute,

#3 U10EY011805                                      

HYMAN: Principal Investigator

DIAS: Study Coordinator

Eye Disease

Candidate Genes for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma


National Eye Institute

Grant #R01EY13315


NEMESURE: Consultant/ Collaborator


Myopia, Eye Disease

ARRA: Collaborative Observational Study of Myopia in  COMET Children 2, Coordinating Center

National Eye Institute

HYMAN: Principal Investigator


Diabetes, Periodontal

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Trial  Coordinating Center (DPTT)

National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research grant #5U01DE018886  

HYMAN: Principal Investigator

SCHOENFELD : Co-Principal Investigator

Diabetes, Periodontal

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Trial Coordinating Center (DPT) Supplement

National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research

HYMAN: Principal Investigator


Environmental Pollutants

Gift-Unrestricted for Research on Environmental Pollutants

Anonymous Donor in Suffolk County

KOVACH: Principal- Investigator

Environmental Exposures, Breast Cancer

Urinary Cadmium and Risk of Breast Cancer

US NIH/NIEHS: R01ES019209-01A1

MELIKER: Principal Investigator

KOVACH: Consultant

Environmental Exposures, Mercury

Long Island Study of Seafood Consumption

Gelfond Fund for Mercury-Related Research and Outreach

MELIKER: Principal Investigator


Occupational Exposures

Green Cleaning:  Exposure characterization and adoption process among custodians

CDC/NIOSH 1 R21 OH009831-01

MEYER: Principal Investigator  9/1/09 – 8/31/10

Co-investigator 9/1/10 – 8/31/13

Psychogenic Illness , Biological Exposure

Psychogenic Illness in Response to Pandemic or Mass Biological Exposure: Development of Experimental Model

NIH – National Library of Medicine – R21

(PI: Joan Broderick)

KAPLAN-LISS: Co- Investigator

Selenium, Vitamin E

SELECT Study Center. Selenium and Vitamin E Chemoprevention Trial.

Funding from west Oncology Group/NCI. CA374929-17

GRANEK: Principal Investigator LANE: Co-Investigator

Memory, WHI

Memory Study Extension/ WHI Memory Study of the Epidemiology of Cognitive Health (WHIMS-ECHO)/ WHI Memory Study of Younger Women (WHIMS_Y).


NHLBI. Contract No. N016WH4-4221.Subcontract for Women’s Health Initiative

LANE: Principal Investigator

GRANEK: Co Principal Investigator

Prostate Cancer, Minority

Prostate Cancer in a Black Population (PCBP)


National Cancer Institute



NEMESURE: Principal Investigator (7/09-present)

Co-Principal Investigator (4/07-6/09)

WU: Co-Investigator/ Senior Biostatistician

Breast Cancer Screening

Evaluation of a Newly Designed Device for Breast Cancer Screening

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Award #1086367


NEMESURE: Principal Investigator

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