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Education is our most important mission.  Our core commitment in the medical school, the Medicine in Contemporary Society courses, is an integral component of the medical school curriculum. This program began in 1991 for the first and second year students, and was expanded in 1995 to include all four years of medical school.  The program effectively contributes to the graduation of compassionate, professional, and ethically committed doctors.  Our contact hours with each medical student over four years (in lectures, small groups and seminars, and clinical rotations) is an estimated at 200 hours. 


 We teach undergraduate and graduate courses for four departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and maintain faculty affiliations with Psychology (Brown), English (Flescher), History (Keirns), and Philosophy (Williams). We have recently received SUNY approval for a masters program, and we are considering a small undergraduate minor.  We also teach courses for the Preventive Medicine Residency Program, the Masters in Public Health, and lecture in nearly thirty other venues.


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