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Lynette Dias, PhD  

Research Scientist/Instructor

Academic Interests:Psychology, Health literacy, Behavioral aspects of health and illness


Leslie Hyman, PhD  

Professor, Division Head

Academic Interests: Epidemiology of eye disease; Diabetes and periodontics; Clinical research


Barbara Nemesure, PhD  

Associate Professor

Academic Interests: Biostatistics; Cancer epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology


Elinor Schoenfeld, PhD  

Research Associate Professor

Academic Interests: Cancer epidemiology; Cancer prevention; Osteoporosis Prevention; Data management and informatics


Jie Yang , PhD

Assistant Professor

Academic Interests: Biostatistics

Suh Yuh Wu, MA  

Research Assistant Professor 

Academic Interests: Biostatistics; Cancer epidemiology; Epidemiology of eye disease 




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