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What is Child Life Services?

Child Life Services is a program designed to normalize the healthcare experience for pediatric patients and their families and to reduce the stress associated with illness and hospitalization.


What is the pre-admission tour?

The pre-admission tour takes children on a multi-sensory journey through areas of the hospital that a child may encounter during his or her admission or surgical experience. The child will have the opportunity to see and touch hospital equipment, meet medical staff and experience the hospital environment in a safe, non-threatening manner.


Why should my child take the tour?

Being admitted to the hospital or having surgery is a stressful experience for anyone, but it can be particularly frightening for a child. Unfamiliar faces, surroundings and hospital routines coupled with a child's fantasies and misconceptions about the hospital can cause great anxiety. By helping the child better understand the process and familiarizing the child with the hospital setting and routines, fears and anxieties can be reduced.



Who should attend?

Any child over the age of three who will be having surgery or who will be admitted to the hospital and his or her parents or guardians can participate in the tour. Please be aware that if siblings are attending, a second adult must be present on the tour.


When is the best time for a tour and when do they take place?

The tour should be taken as close to the surgery date as possible. Tours are offered on weekends. Appointments must be made in advance and you will be notified about specific tour times.


Where is the tour?

The tour begins in the playroom on the 11th floor of the pediatric unit. Depending on your child's specific situation, the tour may include the inpatient unit, an in patient room, the operating room, the recovery room and the surgical waiting area.


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