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Frequently Asked Questions 


1.  How do I apply for the AGP Fellowship at Stony Brook University Medical Center?

You may apply by downloading the application, complete the appropriate fields and mail that, a cover letter/letter of intent and your curriculum vitae to Jennifer Lyon.  Once this information is submitted, Jennifer will contact you and you will be called to schedule an interview. Your interview will give you an opportunity to meet with the program director, key faculty and the current fellows as well as tour the medical center and ask questions.  The deadline for receipt of applications is November 1st.  Interviews and acceptance will be granted on a rolling basis.

AGP Fellowship Application

Please note that three (3) reference letters and a personal statement (not to exceed 2 pages in 11 point single spaced font) are required.

2.  How long is the program?

Based on your prior experiences and credentials the AGP program is either 2 or 3 years. If you have previous clinical experience post residency (i.e. chief resident year, practice as a pediatric attending) or you have other post graduate education pertaining to medical research (i.e. Masters in Clinical Research and Education) then the program can be completed in 2 years.  Otherwise, the program is designed to be completed in 3 years.

Why complete an Academic General Pediatric Fellowship?

By completing an Academic General Pediatric fellowship, you will be well prepared and competent to pursue a career in academia with career options including development and leadership of pediatric complex disease management programs, careers in health services/clinical outcomes research or clinical science investigation; educational program development; leadership of QA/QI programs and/or administrative leadership.

4.  What is the curriculum like?

See Core Curriculum 

What are the requirements for graduation?

See Policies and Procedures

How are the fellows evaluated?

See Fellow Evaluations

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