Scholarly Activity

Residents are required to complete a scholarly activity project by the middle of their third year of training.  These projects offer many varied opportunities including traditional research projects, quality improvement research, curriculum development, case reports, as well as community education projects. (see table below)

Scholarly Project Opportunities


Clinical Research

Basic Sciences Research

Case Series

Chart Audit/Quality Assurance

Patient / Community Education

Book Chapter or Review Article

Community / Health Policy Project

Instructional / Curriculum Design


Each year Stony Brook residents are selected to present their research at regional and national meetings.  The Department of Pediatrics fully funds resident attendance at meetings where they are presenting their work.

Residents have the opportunity to attend various national conferences.  Several residents each year attend the AAP National Educational Conference, as well as conferences in the pediatric specialties.

Resident Research/Scholarly Projects

Examples of current research and recent research projects that have been presented or accepted for presentation or publication. 
Examples of Recent 
Resident Research/Scholarly Projects


Joyce Hui Yuen
STAT3 Mediates a Novel Mechanism to Bypass DNA Replication 
Checkpoint Signaling in Oncogene-Driven Transformation
Sushma Krishna 
Single-Course Antenatal Betamethasone Alters
Lung Morphometry in Late Preterm Lambs
Loren Murphy
Systematic Survey of Intubation Success and Opportunity 
in a Duty-Hour Limited Pediatric and Neonatal Training Program
Shweta Shah
Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney: Serial Ultrasound versus 
VCUG for Diagnosing Contralateral VUR



Funded by the National Institutes of Health, The General Clinical Research Center provides on-going available support and resources for investigators to conduct research on human subjects for the advancement of medical science. The vision is to maintain National Institute for Health (NIH) funding as a clinical research center and to become one of the leading research centers in the region/country.

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