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Stony Brook University Medical Center is the only pediatric residency program on Long Island located on a Medical School Campus.  This provides tremendous opportunity for interaction and integration with the active basic and clinical scientific research that is ongoing at Stony Brook University.

Stony Brook Pediatric Emergency Department

320-slice CT scanner, which delivers low dose radiation at extremely high speeds (thus eliminating the need for sedation or repeat scans for most children)

  • Negative pressure isolation rooms in which to evaluate children with potential airborne infectious diseases 
  • Child-Centered Model of Care
  • Our commitment to delivering care that meets the unique needs of children begins at the front door. A separate entrance and waiting area—apart from the adult emergency area—protects children from potentially frightening adult emergencies. We even offer free valet parking so parents can remain with their sick or injured child.  

     The new Pediatric Emergency Department was designed with attention to the small things that can make a difference to children and their families.

    • Nine private treatment rooms that protect patient privacy and accommodate the child and two family members
    • Age-appropriate care that factors in the child's physical, social, and emotional development
    • Child-sized equipment, gowns, IVs, airway management tools, and other medical necessities
    • Child-friendly décor, child-sized furniture, and a waiting room stocked with toys, colorful artwork, and an aquarium

    The Pediatric Emergency Department makes safety and accident prevention a priority. The Pediatric Emergency Department stays involved with a number of initiatives, including being the lead hospital for Safe Kids Suffolk County, which focuses on helmet safety, car and driving safety, fall prevention, and water safety.

    The Clinical Skills Center

    The Clinical Skills Center (CSC) at Stony Brook University Medical Center is a state-of-the-art training center that can be used as a resource for specialized training of physicians and other healthcare professionals. In the Center, participants evaluate and diagnose patients through teaching modules that incorporate the use of actor patients and computerized mannequins that simulate disease. The CSC provides opportunities for hands on training in a safe environment.  The mission of the Clinical Skills Center is to increase patient safety by using simulation and other state of the art medical technologies to support the training, development, and evaluation of healthcare professionals.







    Our pediatric residents practice procedures such as intravenous catheter placement, intubations, bag-valve mask ventilation, lumbar puncture, phlebotomy, and suturing..  All of the pediatric mock codes are done in the CSC, enabling residents to practice their skills in a controlled environment.





    The CSC provides a range of outcome assessment activities including
    Objective Standardized Clinical Exercises (OSCE) for medical students,
    residents, faculty, and other healthcare professionals. These include
    standardized patient encounters, high-fidelity mannequin scenarios, and clinical skills stations. The Clinical Skills Center is fully digitized
    which allows for the videotaping, video streaming, remote viewing, and
    scoring of such simulated patient encounters.

    We presently have more than 150 standardized patients/actors in our bank. These actor/patients come from local community theatre groups as well as members of Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The Center continues to grow and increase the number and types of activities offered.

    Integration of Technology and Patient Care

    Through our computerized “Powerchart” system, residents can view radiology and lab results as well as read discharge summaries and operative reports from any of our facilities, and even from home.  This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The radiology PACS system provides immediate access to x-rays and ultrasounds via any computer. Stony Brook pediatrics residents utilize our new computerized physician order entry system (CPOE).  The full electronic medical record is being implemented in stages throughout the medical center.  Wireless internet is available throughout the hospital and portable computer stations are available on all floors enabling access to labs, x-rays, and other patient information during rounds and other active patient care experiences.


    Hands-on Experience

    As the regional pediatric referral center, Stony Brook integrates state of the art tertiary care with a large primary care base.  The diversity and volume of our patient population gives you hands-on experience at every level and each rotation.  Residents provide the front line of patient care under the watchful and respectful supervision of the faculty.  Residents are relied on for their leadership, commitment, and solid professional judgment.

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