Continuity Care Experience

Stony Brook pediatric residents are assigned to one of our five primary care offices at the beginning of their intern year. All of our sites are community-based offices. Residents remain at their assigned site on the same day of the week throughout their three years of training, which allows residents to establish a true continuity panel of patients. Our residents spend a full day per week at their clinic site, providing a strong relationship with their patients, preceptors, and office staff.

While in continuity clinic, residents have their own patient panels under the supervision of a general pediatric attending preceptor. This model encourages residents to develop a continuity relationship with their patients and families over the course of their residency. It also fosters independent learning and teaches resident physicians the importance of taking ownership for the care of their patients. Residents are responsible for all aspects of patient care including following up on their patient’s labs, returning phone calls, completing forms, and understanding the billing process. The resident continuity experience provides an accurate representation of ambulatory pediatric care.

Residents recruit patients from the Newborn Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or the Ward to follow up in their continuity clinic after hospital discharge. Parents are comforted by the knowledge that their physician in the office already knows their child’s history, making the transition from the hospital to the community a smoother process.

All of our continuity sites participate in the nationally recognized Reach Out and Read Program and help promote literacy by offering new, age-appropriate books at well-child visits. One resident in each of the continuity sites partners with an attending physician to coordinate and oversee the Reach Out and Read Program.

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