In order to best prepare the resident for the practice of Pediatrics, weekly conferences are scheduled that emphasize both clinical care and a formal didactic teaching program.  A three year educational curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure a full and balanced educational experience for our residents. 

Core Lecture Series

A three year curriculum designed with attention to the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) content specifications. The lectures are held on Wednesday mornings. Residents' time is protected during these sessions. Conferences address the broad range of topics required for general pediatrics training.  Included in this series are conferences addressing ethics, patient phone call management, and emergency room case discussions.  









8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Intern Morning Report

8:30 Morning Report 


8:00 Grand Rounds -
        Ouchless Pediatric ER

9:00  Breastfeeding

10:00 Facial Trauma

11:00 Residency Meeting

12:00 Cystic Fibrosis

8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Pediatric Mock Code

8:30 Morning Report



8:30 Morning Report

8:30 NICU Morning Report

2:00 NICU Mock Code

8:00 Grand Rounds
        Neonatal Herpes

9:00 Combined Peds/EM

10:00 Suturing and

11:00 PREP Questions

12:00 Research

8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Intern Morning Report


8:30 Morning Report


8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Intern Morning Report


8:30 Morning Report 

12:00 Pediatric Mock Code

8:00 Grand Rounds-Short Gut Syndrome

9:00 Primary Care Case of the month

10:00 Residency Meeting

11:00 Bullying

12:00 Surgical Emergencies


8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Journal Club

8:30 Morning Report




8:30 Morning Report

12:00 Intern Morning Report


8:30 Morning Report

8:00 Grand Rounds-
        Thyroid Nodules

9:00 Connective Tissue Disorders

10:00 New Vaccine Topics

11:00 Systems Based Practice

12:00 Quality Assurance Conference

8:30 Morning Report

2:00 NICU Mock Code

8:30 Morning Report

2:00 Chair's Rounds


Morning Report

Presentation of admissions takes place in our morning report sessions, held four days per week. Residents from all years, medical students, and faculty from various subspecialties attend these conferences.  Initial presentation and management of admissions are discussed with input from expert faculty.  In addition, admission x-rays are reviewed via our PACS system (picture archiving and communication system).

Grand Rounds

Traditional academic grand rounds are held on a weekly basis.  Cutting edge medicine is presented by distinguished professors from all over the world. This conference is attended by residents, medical students, faculty, and community pediatricians.  On a quarterly basis, this time is devoted to Primary Care Grand Rounds in a joint conference with the Departments of Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Family Medicine.  Residents have the opportunity to present case conferences.

Chairman's Rounds

Each month the residents on Ward rotations meet with the Chairman of Pediatrics for a case-based interactive educational session.  The residents have the opportunity to present interesting and/or problematic cases to the Chair for discussion in an open forum.

Journal Club

Once a month current articles in literature are selected for review and discussion in an Evidence-Based format.  This conference is attended by residents, medical students, and faculty.  Journal Club sessions provide a forum for residents to learn about current literature and how to critically review and analyze published articles. 

Research Conferences

Monthly research conferences take place as an opportunity for faculty to present their active research projects.  Cutting edge research is presented by faculty from the Department of Pediatrics and other departments at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

NICU Conference

This weekly conference is attended by the Pediatric residents, OB/GYN residents, the Neonatal Team, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Faculty.  Discussions of interesting cases and difficult management plans are the focus of this meeting. 

Subspecialty Team Conferences

Each division runs interdisciplinary conferences and team meetings at which they discuss patient management, advances in the field, and view didactic presentations.  Examples of these include Tumor Board, Cardiology Catheterization Conference, Endocrinology conference, Pathology conferences, and others.

Quality Assurance (QA) Meetings

This meeting is an essential feature of our continuing mission to improve the quality of patient care and enhance patient safety. This is an interdisciplinary meeting at which morbidity and mortalities are discussed in an open forum.  Solutions to systems problems are sought to prevent avoidable errors.

Board Review

During their third year, residents attend an intensive weekly board review with a curriculum based upon the American Board of Pediatrics content specifications.  Residents receive a structured, thorough integration of material from PREP and Pediatrics in Review.  Residents are responsible for specific reading and quizzes before each session. The sessions are very well received by highly motivated learners in a challenging, but supportive study environment.

Resident Meetings

Open communication is essential for a residency program to function well.  One Wednesday each month, residents meet with the residency program directors in a "town meeting" style forum to discuss any issues related to the residency.  This is a great opportunity for the residents to voice any concerns they might have and to discuss any potential changes in the residency program.  In addition, the residents elect "Class Liaisons" to represent them in smaller group sessions with the program Division Chief.

Departmental Research Day

Annual Research Day began in the Spring of 2008.  This is an opportunity for residents, fellows, and faculty to present their current research via posters and platform presentations.

Suffolk Pediatric Society Educational Meetings

This dinner meeting of our local section of the American Academy of Pediatrics occurs five times a year.  After a short business meeting there is an interesting educational presentation.  Recent presentations have included an interactive session on Cardiac Murmurs, Sports Medicine, and Adolescent Sexuality. Pediatric residents are given free and automatic membership in the society and are invited to all meetings. There is resident representation on the Suffolk Pediatric Society Executive Committee.

Resident Presentations

Residency provides a wonderful opportunity to work on teaching and presentation skills.  Each resident will present an Adolescent conference while on that rotation.  Several residents each year have the chance to present an interesting case in Grand Rounds.  Residents present Journal Club twice during their training.  There may be other presentations depending on a resident's rotations.

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