Call Schedule

Night Call Frequency

Rotation Call Frequency

Ward Intern

One Saturday day (7 am - 7 pm)
One Saturday night (7 pm - 7 am)

One Sunday day (7 am - 7 pm)

One Golden Weekend

No Overnight call Sunday - Friday

Ward Senior

Two Sunday calls per month  (7 am - 7 pm)

Ward Night Intern

Sunday - Friday (6 pm - 7 am)


Ward Night Senior

Sun,  Tues, Wed,  Fri  (6 pm - 8 am)
Mon, Thurs (6 pm - 8 am)
Saturday 24h


Every 4th night


Average of 7 calls each month in the following areas:
Back-Up 2 or 3, health calls from home, newborn or ED short call on weekends.



All Interns and half of Seniors: Night Shift System - average of 6-7 nights during the month and day shifts the rest of the month.
Other half of the Seniors - q3

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