Ambulatory Pediatrics


The Stony Brook University Pediatrics Residency Program provides the residents with a well-rounded training in general pediatrics.  Approximately 60% of our training takes place in the ambulatory setting. 

Stony Brook University Cancer Center

The Cancer Center is Long Island's only comprehensive cancer program backed by university-based research. The Stony Brook University Cancer Center, well known for its excellence in scientific research, provides an integrated framework for care and promotes multidisciplinary and translational research, ensuring that results from the research bench are quickly incorporated into more effective therapies. The Cancer Center is actively investigating the genetic and molecular changes that are associated with certain cancers.


The Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

The Cody Center was opened in response to a clear need in the community. Their mission is to advance the standard of care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities; to provide an educational setting for professionals working with families of individuals with developmental disabilities; to contribute significant research outcomes to the body of science surrounding cause, identification, and treatment of developmental disabilities; and to practice a multidisciplinary approach when serving people with developmental disabilities.

Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) of Suffolk County

The Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County brings together child-serving agencies from throughout Suffolk County to coordinate services and improve our response to child abuse. Stony Brook pediatric residents spend time with our child abuse specialist at the CAC, where they learn about Forensic Interviewing, Working with Children in Court,   Effects of Trauma on Children and Families, Working with Traumatized Children, and the Medical Evaluation of Child Abuse. 
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Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center

The National Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis (NPMS) Center, the first of its kind in the nation to address pediatric MS, is headed by Dr. Lauren Krupp, professor of neurology. Dr. Krupp, an internationally recognized expert in MS, assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts including MS specialists, pediatric neurology, neuropsychology, pediatric nursing, child psychiatry, and neuroradiology.
The team’s goal is to provide outstanding clinical care and to identify the biological changes in children facing MS, to advance research that could make a dramatic difference in their lives, and ultimately find the answers to MS. We are today recognized as a Center of Excellence by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 
Pediatric patients who come to our Center receive a comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation, conducted over one to two days. This includes:

  • Extensive neurological assessment
  • Neuropsychological evaluation and psychological assessment to evaluate the effects of MS on cognition, academic performance, and emotional functioning
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Nursing case management


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Center

The Cystic Fibrosis Center at Stony Brook is accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The high quality of specialized care available throughout the care center network has directly contributed to the improved length and quality of life for patients with cystic fibrosis.  Staffed by teams of dedicated medical professionals, the Centers provide multidisciplinary care in a range of fields, including nutrition, pulmonary care, and gastroenterology, as well as psychosocial specialties. Stony Brook Cystic Fibrosis Center actively participates in CF clinical research, which plays a critical role in developing new therapies.

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