Advisory Program

Advisory Program

Early in the first year our residents choose a faculty advisor.  The role of resident advisor is an important one.  Residents meet with their advisor a minimum of three times a year, as well as on an as-needed basis.  The advisor will review the resident’s evaluations with him/her and assist with any personal or academic needs.  Advisors are also very informative in guiding residents to appropriate career counseling and mentorship, and are a great resource to the resident in formulating an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

Individualized Learning Plans (ILP)

Each year the resident will perform a self-assessment.  This will include a review of career goals, a ranking of personal strengths and weaknesses, a self-rating in the six core competencies, and the setting of learning goals and strategies for the year. Learning goals should be focused, achievable, and measurable. 

The advisor will review the ILP with the resident throughout the year to determine whether the resident is moving forward in achieving their desired goals.

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