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Full Time Faculty
Patrick Sibony, MDNeuro-ophthalmology, Orbit  Chair631.444.1131
Azin Abazari, MDCornea, Cataract, Refractive Surgery631.444-6476
Nariman Boyle, MDOculoplastics, Cosmetic Plastics631.444.6725
Timothy Chou, MDCornea,Cataract, Lasik631.444.6725
Fadi El Baba, MDVitreo-retinal diseases631.444.1131
Robert Honkanen, MDComprehensive, Glaucoma631.444.6476
Tehmina Haque, MDComprehensive, Cataract631.444.1131
 Kevin Kaplowitz, MDGlaucoma, Comprehensive 631.444.6476
Nancy Kwon, ODOptometry, Low vision631.444.1109
Nita Mehta, MD Glaucoma, Comprehensive 631.261-4400 x 2138
Ravi Radhakrishnan, MDVitreo-retinal diseases631-444-1109
Dorothy Reynolds, MDPediatric Ophthalmology 631-444-6725
Gideon Schneck, MDOculoplastics631.444.1109
Akbar Shakoor, MD Vitreo-retinal diseases; Uveitis

Voluntary Faculty
 Philip Bonanno, MD Jeffrey Martin , MD Eric Roberts, MD
 Sophie Cantillo, OD John Mauro, DO Scott Sheren, MD
 James Collins, MD Brian  McGuinness, MD Yale Solomon, MD
 Marc Dinowitz, MD Debra Messina, MD Eric T. Vinokur, MD
 Robert Koty , MD Leanne Molia, MD
 Pamela Weber, MD
 Michelle Levi, MD
 Richard Nauheim, MD Michael Weiner, MD
 Maury Marmor, MD John Romanelli, MD John Wittpenn, MD

Joint Faculty Appointments
Patrick Sibony, MDDepartment of Neurology
Craig Evinger, PhDDept of Neurobiology and Behavior*
Gary Matthews, PhDDept of Neurobiology and Behavior
Nisson Schechter, PhDDepts of Biochemistry, Psychiatry*
Wei Hou, PhDDepartment of Preventive Medicine*
Leslie Hyman, PhDDepartment of Preventive Medicine*
Barbara Nemesure, PhDDepartment of Preventive Medicine*
Stephen Van McCrary, PhDDepartment of Preventive Medicine*
Elinor Schoenfeld, PhD Department of Preventive Medicine*
Suh-Yuh Wu, PhD Department of Preventive Medicine*
Stephen Yazulla, PhD Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior*

Technical and Support Staff
Jean Lewis, NPNurse Practictioner
Mary TanderupProgram Coordinator
Julie BrowneDepartment Administrator
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