Nariman Boyle, MD

Clinical Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastic, Orbit and Reconstructive Surgery
Assistant Professor

Contact Phone Numbers
Emergencies (Daytime)631.444.4090
Emergencies (Evening) 631.444.1110
Administrative Offices631.444.6725

MD Degree1986 -1990American University of Beirut
Internship2003 - 2004Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio (IM)
Residency2004 - 2007
University of Cincinnati, Department of Ophthalmology
 1991 - 1995 American University of Beirut (Ophthalmology
Fellowship2007 - 2009Doheny Eye Institute / University of Southern California (Ophthalmic Plastic, Orbit and Reconstructive Surgery)
 2001 - 2003

University of California, San Francisco, Beckman Vision Center (Ocular Oncology)

 1999 - 2001Emory University School of Medicine (Ophthalmic Pathology)
 1996 - 1997

Moorfields Eye Hospital/ University College of  London, UK (Ophthalmic Pathology)

Board Certification2009 - Present


 Book Chapters            .                   

1.      Boyle N. S., Chang E. L., Traumatic Ptosis. Evaluation and management of Blepharoptosis. Springer publisher. 2011. Chapter 13: 129-140.  

2.      Brannan P. A., Citinkaya A., Boyle N. S.  Ophthalmic consequences of maxillofacial injuries. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Elsevier publisher. Second edition. (in press)

3.      Sharara N, Scott I, O’Brien J. Intraocular mass. Clinical Pathways in Vitreoretinal Disease. Thieme medical publishers. 2002. Chapter 15: 221-244

4.      Kramer T, Sharara N. Pathology of the conjunctiva. Biomedical Foundation of Ophthalmology. Duane Series, 2001; Volume 3, Chapter 8:1-18

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  3. Sharara N, Holden JT, Wojno TH, Feinberg A, Grossniklaus H. Ocular adnexal lymphoid proliferations. Clinical, Histologic, flow cytometric and PCR analysis of 43 cases. Ophthalmology. 2003; 110 (no 6): 1245-1254
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