Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine




·         Biochemical Risks of Preterm Labor (Baker)


·         Biomarkers in Vulvodynia (Baker)


·         Placental Fibrosis (Demishev)


·         Biomarkers in Gestational Diabetes: (Landres, &/or Bernasko)


·         Biomarkers in Vulvodynia (Baker)(NIH)


·         Code Noelle: Interdisciplinary Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage (PI: Ogburn, co-PI: Griffin, Garduno, Chappelle, Kumar, Steinberg) (APGO)


·         Code Noelle: Interdisciplinary Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage (PI: Garduno) (ACOG)


·         Effects of a Standardized Contraceptive Video on the Knowledge and Utilization of Contraception in the Postpartum Period: a Prospective study (Strafford) (ACOG)


·         Early post-partum screening for type 2 diabetes in women who had gestational diabetes (Yeh, Ogburn)


·         Placental Fibrosis (Demishev)


·         Biomarkers in Gestational Diabetes (Landres, Bernasko, Baker)


·         Understanding the Utilization of Midwifery Care: Knowledge, Perception, and Access (Altman) (paper for publication)




RESIDENT PROJECTS:    Residents complete at least one formal research project during their training, and present it at the annual Resident Research Day.  However, many residents pursue more than one research question during their time at Stony Brook.  Here is a list of some current and recent residents’ research projects 


Alvarado, Rosalie, MD:

Effect of Preincisional Local Analgesia on Post-Operative Pain in 10-12mm Lateral Port Sites


Balmir, Fabiola, MD

Amniopap: Replacing Amniocentesis with Cervical Swabbing


Blumberg, Jenny, MD 

Cervidil and Induction of Labor: Does Two Cervidils Make A Difference?        


Card, Leia, MD 

Chorioamnionitis: A retrospective Study Analyzing the Accuracy of the Clinical Diagnosis in Preterm Pregnancies    


Carlos-Pons, Daniela 

Assessing a Novel Risk Scoring Tool in the Postpartum Period


Conway, Jennifer, MD

The Perineal Simulator: An Instructional Video for Improving Resident Understanding of Perineal Anatomy and Obstetric Laceration Classification      


Garretto, Diana, MD

Multifetal Deliveries: A review of the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum factors           

Use of Body Mass Index During Pregnancy     


Kumar, Amanika,

Is urine culture necessary for labor and delivery triage?

Mini Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopy for Gynecologic Conditions: a Retrospective Study

Does the routine pre-operative evaluation of liver function tests change the management of the gynecologic oncology patient?       


MacDonald, James, MD

Premature Labor and Epidurals          


Nahar, Deepti, MD

The Effects of a Standardized Contraceptive Educational Video on the Knowledge and Utilization of Contraception in the Postpartum Period


Ninivaggio, Cara, MD

The relationship of Bleeding Profiles to Endometrial Pathology in Premenopausal Population: A retrospective study   


Prakash, Viveka, MD

Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM): Neonatal Morbidity between 32 and 36 6/7 weeks          


So, Jane, MD

Laboratory Abnormalities in Patients with Gestational Hypertension   


Van Sise, Melanie, MD   

Does Reference Text Included in the Electronic Medical Record Increase the Rate of Appropriate Antibiotic Selection for Prophylaxis in Cesarean Section


Vizcarra, Michael, MD 

MRI vs. Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta: A Retrospective Analysis    


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