Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine
The discipline of Maternal-Fetal Medicine involves four major subgroups of patients:

A. Patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures,

 B. Patients with medical and surgical disorders,

C. Healthy gravidas with fetuses at markedly increased risk of adverse outcome,

 D. Any antepartum patient admitted for "other than delivery" and patients with postpartum complications
such as severe hemorrhage, refractory infections, complicated preeclampsia, eclampsia and difficult post
cesarean complications


Research Projects:

·         Biochemical Risks of Preterm Labor (Baker)

·         Biomarkers in Vulvodynia (Baker)

·         Placental Fibrosis (Demishev)

·         Biomarkers in Gestational Diabetes: (Landres, &/or Bernasko)

·         Biomarkers in Vulvodynia (Baker)(NIH)

·         Code Noelle: Interdisciplinary Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage (PI: Ogburn, co-PI: Griffin, Garduno, Chappelle, Kumar, Steinberg) (APGO)

·         Early post-partum screening for type 2 diabetes in women who had gestational diabetes (Yeh, Ogburn)  

·         Placental Fibrosis (Demishev) 

·         Biomarkers in Gestational Diabetes (Landres, Bernasko, Baker)


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