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The Med-Peds program here at Stony Brook was launched in 1992 when it became apparent that there was increasing demand for Med-Peds residency positions. Students and visionary faculty in the departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine saw a need and usefulness for doctors with extensive experience in the care of people of all ages. Over the years, leadership has changed, but the vision of a state of the art program has remained.


Our program conforms to the guidelines set forth by the American Boards of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. These two authoritative bodies provide leadership and governance regarding the training requirements in general. Along with the Med-Peds Association, they also make decisions specific issues related to the peculiarities of Med-Peds residency programs.

Residents enter our program as first year residents. After the resident's vigorous internship year they graduate to more senior level responsibilities and supervise the junior housestaff in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. Click here for for the complete curricula.

Our program has been designed to provide our residents with broad but in depth experience. The patient population ranges from the premature newborn in our Level 3 NICU, to elderly people who may have chronic and acute illnesses. There is an emphasis on ambulatory care according to the Board guidelines, yet excellent adult and pediatric Intensive Care experience is provided as well.

Our program is not simply 2 years of Medicine and 2 years of Pediatrics. We have organized the curriculum to provide trainees with a good balance of experiences so that the graduate is not only competent but will excel at providing care to people of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

We are excited by the clinical and educational opportunities afforded by our University Hospital. The Cancer Center is located next to University Hospital that unites the Carol Baldwin Breast Center, Pediatric and Adult Oncological Care with state of the art technology, imaging and interventions if necessary. An exciting development in Pediatrics is the newly established Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital which is the area's only pediatric tertiary care center. A brand new pediatric emergency room was recently opened and in 2011 a brand new NICU opened earlier this year. Finally, our Heart Center is unrivaled, home to the most advanced diagnostic and interventional approaches to the care of patients with cardiovascular disease.


sbuhStony Brook is approximately 50 miles east of New York City. Stony Brook serves as the premier tertiary care center for Suffolk County, which serves a population of over 1.4 million.

Long Island is an ideal location to train and practice medicine. You can enjoy all the excitement of Manhattan; world-renown museums, professional sporting and concert events at Madison Square Garden with easy access via car or Long Island railroad with frequent departures daily. You can enjoy the temperate climate on Long Island which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean which buffers the winter temperatures and in the summer you have the nationally acclaimed beaches on both the North and South Shores out to the Montauk Light House to enjoy. Residents of Long Island can enjoy hundreds of parks, bike trails and excellent schools for those who have young children.   


Medicine-Pediatric Faculty

The combined medicine-pediatric program has been very fortunate to have several outstanding faculty members. Drs. Liliana Tique and Frederick Reindl are dually trained in medicine and pediatrics and staff the Stony Brook Primary Care at Islip and patchogue facilities where they see both adults and children and precept pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents in their continuity clinics. They are very active in teaching and participate in monthly journal club events. The combined medicine-pediatric program has also been able to have residents experience an outstanding community practice. This private office boasts a former Co-Director of the Medicine-Pediatric program, Dr. Robert Mormando, as well as another graduate, Dr. Michael Rodriguez, who support residents rotating through their state of the art office during another ambulatory month. These additions to the Medicine-Pediatric faculty have secured a strong community foundation to the program and ensure an exciting future.

Medical Student Elective

We are proud to offer a 4th year medical student elective available to students who have successfully passsed their 3rd year clerkships in an accredited United States medical school that would allow them to participate in an ambulatory combined medicine-pediatric elective for 4 weeks. In addition to seeing how ambulatory medicine is practiced in an academic setting, the medical student would have the opportunity to get familiar with the programs' residents, faculty and Long Island. Contact the program directors for further details.


We are proud to say the Stony Brook Combined Med-Peds Program has received full ACGME accreditation during a recent official review of combined programs. We continue to look for every possible opportunity to excel in providing the best possible training for our residents to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. This means that the successful graduate will be able to sit for both Board examinations and upon passing them can become dual Board-certified ready for patients of all ages and severeity of medical illness

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