Lymphedema Therapy

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Lymphedema is the excessive accumulation of fluid and protein in the body resulting in the swelling of an arm, leg, or other part of the body. Lymphedema can result after lymph node dissection or radiation therapy, or it may appear at birth or at a later stage in life. When treated early, the effects of lymphedema can be minimized. If left untreated, the condition may worsen and result in a loss of mobility or function. Lymphedema can affect people of all ages and is seen in both women and men.

Lymphedema Therapy
Stony Brook University Medical Center offers complete decongestive therapy (CDT). CDT combines manual lymph drainage (fluid reducing massage), therapeutic exercise, use of low stretch bandaging techniques, compression garments, and meticulous skin care to reduce the lymph swelling and enhance lymphatic flow.


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