Clinical Electives at the Regional Caner Center in Thiruvnanthapuram, India


SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine Alumni International Training (AIT) Fund


This fund was established by the SB SOM Alumni Board on 2/10/08 to allow TWO medical students a clinical experience at the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram, INDIA. 

Who is eligible to apply? 

Any medical student in good standing at the School of Medicine will be eligible to apply. 

Application Process: 

All applications for the AIT fund must be done through Dr. John D. Shanley, Associate Dean for International Programs. Applicants are expected to have reviewed the RCC website ( and information regarding this site at the OME website. Each applicant should submit a completed application form to Dr. Shanley's office by the deadline. If there are more applicants than funds, there will be a review committee (Dr. Shanley, Dr. Chandran, Dr. Williams) who will review the applications and determine qualified candidates based on the strength of the application. 

What is covered through the AIT? 

Air travel (up to $1500.00 dollars with receipt) will be covered. In addition, $500.00 of living expenses will be allowed through this grant. Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, and Emirates Airways offer direct flights from New York JFK to Thiruvananthapuram. The maximum allowable amount for one student shall in no case exceed $2000.00 

What is required of the student? 

A completed application form and CV is required by October 1 of the third year for all fourth year rotations, and by Dec 1 for all first year rotations (if slots are available). Generally fourth year students will be given priority. The review committee will select the most qualified candidates and will inform them by February 1. The selected students are expected to complete their final rotation plans discussing with the RCC mentor and the regional mentor and submit this before March 1. 

Within four weeks of returning from the clinical experience at the RCC, the student is expected to submit to Dr. Shanley's office a two page essay on the experiences at the cancer center and how it helped them achieve their objectives. Additional reflections and suggestions for changes in the rotation are optional but welcome. This will be shared with the RCC faculty for feedback purposes. In addition, the student is expected to attend an upcoming Alumni board meeting and present the key learning from the experience to the board.
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