International Language Immersion Programs


There are a number of For Profit programs the offer medical students the opportunity to study a foreign language in the context of medical health care delivery. Typically, these are four week programs in which students live in foreign countries. Generally four hours in the morning are devoted to classroom didactic training in the foreign language and four hours in the afternoon in an inpatient or outpatient medical setting working with a health care professional who is delivering medical care. Housing can be in a dormitory setting or living with a host family, the latter intensifying the language immersion experience. The programs are geared for both the entry level student and the more advance student. To qualify, the programs must be reviewed and approved by Dr. John D. Shanley, Associate Dean of International Programs. For credit the student must provide a certificate of completion by the program, maintain a portfolio during the training period, complete an evaluation summary of the site and experience and submit a one page essay in the language studied within two weeks of completing the program.


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