A reinstatement fee of $200 will be assessed to any practitioner who is terminated for administrative reasons (annual health assessment, expired infection control or malpractice insurance) and wishes to be reinstated to the staff within 45 days of termination. Reinstatement will occur provided the practitioner complies with all requirements and submits a statement of his or her clinical activities for the past 45 days. The decision to reinstate the practitioner will be made by the MEC, Medical Board and Governing Body. If the practitioner is not reinstated, the fee will be returned to the practitioner.

A reapplication fee of $500 will be assessed for those practitioners who are terminated for administrative reasons (annual health assessment, expired infection control, malpractice insurance, medical records or CME) and wish to reapply to the medical staff more than 45 days after their termination. The practitioner must submit a complete new application and go through the normal appointment process. Practitioners who reapply more than two years after termination will not be charged this fee. Fees for reapplications are not refundable regardless of the decision of the governing body.

(ADMIN P&P # IC:0003).

  • Fingernails are to be neatly trimmed and maintained at a reasonable length (no longer than 1/4" beyond the fingertip).
  • Artificial nail enhancements are not to be worn. Non-chipped polish is permitted, but anything applied to natural nails other than polish is considered an enhancement. This includes, but is not limited to: artificial nails, tips, wraps, appliqu├ęs, acrylic, gels or other additional items applied to the nail surface.
  • Wash hands with soap and water (non-antimicrobial or antimicrobial) when hands are visibly soiled or contaminated with blood or body fluids/substances.
    It is acceptable to use an alcohol-based hand rub when hands are not visibly soiled.

    For questions about this topic or other information, please call 631-444-2754.

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