Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center is committed through all of its programs to principles rooted in the bio-psychosocial model of care. Whether teaching students or residents and fellows the concepts and skills relating to primary family-oriented health care, providing clinical care to their own patients, conducting research or participating in community activities, faculty members emphasize a commitment to caring for all members of the family on a continuing basis.

The Department provides the majority of primary care for the Stony Brook University Medical Center through the Family Practice Center and two satellite faculty practices. It has been the recipient of numerous grants including a New York State Primary Care Initiative Grant. This award facilitated the development of an outreach and patient education program for the poor and underserved in Suffolk County. The Department of Family Medicine is represented on all major academic committees of the School of Medicine and on University Medical Center's Medical Board.

The Department's educational mission has expanded to include an extensive involvement in medical student education: Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Introduction to Human Behavior, Medicine in Contemporary Society, a third year primary care clerkship, a fourth year selective and elective as well as other medical school courses. The Department is also active in interprofessional programs such as teaching Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner students with didactic courses and ambulatory training experiences, Dental Student education, and providing clinical experience for social work students and nutrition interns. The Department has crossed interdisciplinary boundaries by offering ambulatory primary care training to residents from other departments, such as Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The learning experience developed for Family Medicine residents is broad in scope. In addition to teaching management of common illnesses, the Department maintains a focus on problem solving, health maintenance, and the relationship of psychosocial and environmental factors to health and illness.

Postgraduate continuing medical education programs include such programs as a weeklong review course for family physicians. The "Maurice Goldenhar Family Medicine Update", in addition to other primary care courses is available free of charge to the Department's residents. Our department has also sponsored the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) course and Neonatal Resuscitation courses.

The Faculty
The multi-disciplinary faculty represents a diversity of academic, clinical, ethnic and demographic backgrounds. The Family Medicine faculty is comprised of fifteen full-time and one part-time physician. In addition to academic training, the faculty has had extensive practice experience, which provides residents with a well-rounded approach to patient care.

The behavioral science faculty consists of two certified social workers who work closely with residents and faculty evaluating the psychosocial impact of illness on patients, family members and treatment course. The Department is staffed with nutritionists and a nurse practitioner who practice in the Family Practice Center and participate in community outreach efforts. In addition, these professionals liaison with local, state and federal agencies. A large support staff in the Family Practice Center and the academic office promotes the Department's mission of medical education, patient care, research and community service. One of our satellite offices is also staffed with a full-time physician assistant.

Community Faculty
In addition to the academic faculty, several local private practitioners participate in resident training, precept in the outpatient center, teach and attend on the inpatient service and on our obstetrical-newborn service. In addition, they provide a "real life" perspective by allowing Family Practice residents the opportunity to work under supervision in their offices.

Wellness Program One of the department faculty members directs the Wellness & Chronic Illness Program. Residents may decide to do electives in the Wellness Center where they are exposed to integrative medicine including nutritional and mind body medicine.

A full-time educator, and a Director of Research support the research and educational efforts of the department. Faculty research interests are varied and have included clinical investigations of dietary supplementation, burn treatment, otitismedia, pre-menstrual syndrome, generic drugs, nutrition and health promotion, obstetrical practices, fatigue, xerostomia, tai-chi for the elderly, depression, family systems theory, sleep disorders, familial alcoholism and HIV in women.

Family Practice residents may pursue various research opportunities at the Stony Brook University Medical Center. Faculty and staff support research endeavors with advice and assistance in planning, field testing, analyzing and reporting data. Funding and clerical assistance are available to interested residents, enabling completion of the projects through the publication stage.

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