Program Description

The Dietetic Internship Program at Stony Brook is sponsored by the School of Medicine.  The Stony Brook University Dietetic Internship Program has an emphasis in clinical nutrition therapy.  The program includes 75 hours of orientation and seminars, 38 weeks of rotations, and 1 week of RD exam review.  The Internship is 1215 hours in length.  Rotations, orientation and seminars start in late August/early September and are completed in June. 

Dietetic Internship Rotations and Required Activities/Coursework 


  • Clinical Rotations:
    • 5 weeks of outpatient rotation at Stony Brook University Hospital
    • 11 weeks of nutrition therapy rotation at Stony Brook University Hospital or an affiliated hospital
    • 4 weeks of long-term care
    • 67.5 hour longitudinal research rotation
  • 5 weeks of public health nutrition rotation including work at Family Medicine, WIC, Island Harvest, Head Start and/or Sustainable LI.
  • 7 weeks of food service rotation including 4 weeks institutional food service and 3 weeks school food service
  • 1 week virtual renal rotation
  • 3 week elective rotation

Required Activities/Coursework

  • 68 hours of Orientation and Seminar*
  • 1 week RD examination review
  • Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice I (3 credits) - HFN 515
  • Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice II (3 credits) - HFN 516

(HFN 515 & HFN 516 are offered through Stony Brook University's Graduate Nutrition Program and these courses cannot be waived)

* Most seminar hours are met through the online required courses, Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice I and Advanced Nutrition in Clinical Practice II.


We offer a fully online MS in Nutrition program (36 credits) as well as a 15 credit Advanced Certificate in Nutrition.  Please visit the website,



Program Description 

The on-line M.S. program in Nutrition provides a comprehensive course of study in advanced nutrition topics to prevent and manage disease, as well as optimize health through food and nutrition strategies.  Expert faculty members, currently working in the field, provide instruction on evidence-based, timely nutrition therapies and facilitate development of a strong knowledge base and counseling skill set.  This 36-credit, Master of Science program, as well as the 15-credit advanced certificate program, will be offered exclusively online, using multimedia tools and fully engaging students in interactive discussion boards, class wikis and blogs, and videoconferencing with nutrition practitioners.  Courses cover advanced medical nutrition therapy, critical care, and nutrition strategies to reduce inflammation and modulate immune function, nutragenomics, nutrition issues through the lifecycle, including pediatrics, neonatology and geriatrics, and biomedical statistics.   

If you are interested in either the MS or Advanced Certificate Progam, please email Sharon Schmidt at 

Upon successful completion of the Dietetic Internship Program, interns are eligible to sit for the registration examination.

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