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  • The Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook gave me the opportunity to work with many prestigious professionals who inspired me to become more passionate about the field of dietetics. Working at a renowned teaching hospital exposed me to a variety of unique medical cases and procedures I may not have received anywhere else. I enjoyed the community rotation because I got to work with the Heart Links project and see firsthand how working with various school districts and businesses is crucial in promoting a healthy lifestyle. I learned that dietitians can make an effective change in the health of society through community efforts. I also enjoyed the exposure that the inpatient rotation provided as I got to work with some of the best medical teaching staff in the nation. Overall, the Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook provided me with invaluable skills such as flexibility, good problem solving skills, excellent presentation ability, and preparation for the registered dietitian exam and for the real world. Jennifer Sato, Class of 2004
  • I am part owner of a wellness center, and my title is Director of Dietetics. I feel the Stony Brook Dietetic Internship gave me a very well-rounded experience and prepared me well for the role of a Registered Dietitian. I feel the program was more demanding than other programs, in a way that was really to our benefit in the long run. All the written assignments included information we need to know to pass the registration examination. I am very happy to have chosen and graduated from the Stony Brook program.  Robin Staub, Class of 2001
  • I feel the internship experience at SUNY Stony Brook is extremely well rounded, encompassing many areas in the field of dietetics.  I was so valuable at the hospital I worked at that they asked me to stay on per diem because of how efficiently I work.  The computer and presentation skills acquired through Stony Brook’s internship enables me to present professional, well-received talks, with positive feedback.  The internship is extremely demanding and at times very tough, but the end results in terms of skills acquired are “worth their weight” in the highly competitive job market.  AnnMarie Ingenito, Class of 2001
  • Clinical and long-term rotations helped to solidify my clinical knowledge, put it into practice, and get comfortable enough that I could start a new job with minimal training.  The experience I gained was very valuable in gaining confidence to perform job tasks.  Community helped me learn to prepare nutrition information/presentations for community groups. Janey Cross, Class of 2007
  • Completing my dietetic internship at Stony Brook really helped me acquire the position I have today as a clinical dietitian at a teaching university hospital.  One of the reasons that I was asked to interview at this facility is because of the highly regarded reputation that Stony Brook has developed for its internship program.  Annemarie Owen, Class of 2002
  • I feel the Stony Brook Dietetic Internship was wonderful.  It had a lot to offer that other Dietetic Internships do not, especially regarding cutting-edge information on current nutrition topics.  For example, I felt more on top of such topics as alternative medicine and childhood obesity than others in my field.  One big thing the internship did and continues to do through the listserv is that it motivates you to continue to learn. Brenda Hamm, Class of 2001
  • Overall, I really enjoyed this internship and learned so much.  The wide variety of rotations really gave me a well rounded experience.  I have met a great deal of interesting people, which has increased my networking ability, and each has influenced me in some way.  Never did I have a time where I felt like I was too overwhelmed or struggling.  I really felt that there is such a team of support that if ever I needed help or guidance, I could find it.  I would certainly recommend this internship to others. June, 2011
  • Through this program, I was able to experience a wide variety of health care teams in several different health care facilities.  It's because of this dynamic aspect of the program, and the fact that not all of the rotations were based out of just one facility (i.e. all at SBU) that I feel more informed about the health care environment as well as what to expect, and not expect, once I am ready to integrate myself into a health care team. June, 2011

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