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Social Skills Training Program

Fall 2014 through Spring 2014

Accepting New Applications Now!

The New Fall Session begins on Monday, October 20, 2014 

It's not too late to join! Please see below to download application.

Please note:  the services described below are primarily for children between 8 and 19 years of age. 

The Cody Center recognizes the importance of helping all children with autism and related disorders to develop age-appropriate social interaction and play skills.  We are continuing to develop the services we offer in this critical area of development.  Below is a brief description of our program.

Children We Serve

Our social skills training program is designed to include learners at all levels of development. Through an expanded array of options, we will be able to promote social skills gains in children with a range of learning needs, rather than serving only those children who fit into the social skills group model. While there are no absolute age limitations, we anticipate that most children in the program will be between 8 and 19 years of age.

Measuring Success

We will also be putting a greater emphasis on measuring the success of our social skills training program. In order to do this we will be working closely with each family to identify specific skills that need improvement, and ways to measure improvement. Our ultimate goal with all children in the program will be to help them enjoy interacting with their peers, and feel confident and successful in social situations.   


This year our social skills training program will be staffed by Ms. Debra Gerard and Ms. Patty Bashe. Both are NYS certified special education teachers, BCBAs, and New York State Licensed Behavior Analysts with extensive experience in the field of autism. 

Parent Participation

We will be working closely with parents in all aspects of the social skills training program. The only way we can expect to achieve meaningful and lasting improvement is by developing goals that make sense in the life of each child and family. We will also help families develop strategies to ensure that children have regular opportunities to practice and improve newly acquired skills at home, in school, and in the community.


An individual assessment will be conducted for each child applying to the social skills program. The assessment will include both a parent interview and direct interaction with the child. Information from the assessment will help the staff and family identify specific skills that need improvement, and select the strategies and service options that would best meet the child’s needs.



  • Assessment/Intake: No Charge

Each child entering the program will receive an assessment of his/her social development. The assessment will help to establish specific goals for intervention. Important: Once we receive your completed application, we will phone to schedule an intake.

  • Social Interaction Groups: $40.00 per Session

Children who can benefit from a group instruction format will be matched with peers of similar age and learning level. Group activities will be designed to address the individual goals of each child in the group, with an emphasis on building relationships, developing confidence in social interactions, and discovering the fun of being with friends. 

FALL 2014 Session

 Groups will meet:

 Where: at the Cody Center, Putnam Hall

 For: 1 hour per week

 When: Monday evenings 

Session I: 8 weeks

October 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17, 24

December 1, 8

Session II: 8 weeks

January 12, 26 (we do not meet on January 19)

February 2, 9, 23 (we do not meet on February 16)

March 2, 9, 23 (we do not meet March 16)

Session III: 6 weeks

April 13, 20, 27

May 4, 11, 18

Groups meet at 5:15 OR 6:15. You will be informed of the time for your child's group before sessions begin. 

Payment is due at time of service. We can accept checks only (no cash, no credit cards).

Individual Training Sessions: $70.00 per Session 

Children who need intensive instruction in prerequisite skills for social interaction or group participation, or who have specific behavioral challenges that severely limit their ability to interact successfully with peers, may receive individual behavioral training as a preliminary step toward the development of social skills. Sessions are up to two hours per day, one, two or three days per week for a time-limited period. 

  • Dyad or Peer Training: $40.00 per Session

Children not yet ready for inclusion in a group of four or more peers may benefit from practicing play routines or simple social interactions with one other child, either a typical peer or an appropriately matched child who is also enrolled in the program. This will be a predetermined, short-term intervention prior to enrollment in a larger group. Sessions will typically be 45 minutes to one hour.

Application Process

Parents interested in enrolling their child in the Social Skills Training Program should fill out and submit the Social Skills Application.  On the last page of the application, please indicate that your primary concern is helping your child develop his/her social interaction skills. Also, be sure to include all materials requested on the application (proof of immunization, psychological report, and current IEP). Failure to include these documents will delay your application.

Mail the form to:

The Cody Center  Attn: Social Skills

Rm 177 Putnam Hall – Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY 11794-8788


You may also fax the application to:

Patty Bashe at (631) 632-3120.


Please contact Patty via phone or email with any questions.

Please DO NOT scan and email your application. It will not be accepted.

Phone: (631) 632-8868




Once we receive your completed application, a member of our social skills training team will call you to set up an assessment appointment. If your application arrives after a new session begins, it may be a few weeks before we can schedule an intake. Your patience is appreciated.

Payment Policy

Once your child is enrolled in the Social Skills Training Program, payment is due at the time of services.

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