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 Research Projects:

Genetic Factors in Developmental Disabilities; Kenneth Gadow; Carla DeVincent; Eli Hatchwell,  Jasmin Roohi; Jayne Schneider; Denise Dixon

Tourette Syndrome as an Indicator for Psychiatric Comorbidity in Children with PDD:  Kenneth Gadow; Carla DeVincent; Michael Greenberg; Jayne Schneider

Genetic Copy Number Variation in Autism (Partially funded by Autism Speaks):  Eli Hatchwell; Kenneth Gadow; Carla DeVincent; Jayne Schneider; Jasmin Roohi

Retrospective Study of Child Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents with ASD:  John Pomeroy; Kenneth Gadow; Carla DeVincent; Jayne Schneider; Michael Greenberg

Brain Imaging of Children and Adolescents with Pervasive Developmental Disorder using MRS and MRI:  John Pomeroy; Lidia Gabis; Carla DeVincent; Mirjana Maletic-Savatic; Wei Huang; Lumita Tudorica; James Manzione  

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