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Babies & Children's Memorial Garden

       In 1998, a group of 13 Stony Brook University Hospital staff members, 10 RNs, 1MD, 1SW and 1 member of the clergy, had come up with the idea for a memorial garden.

The purpose of the garden being, to offer a place of peace and solace for grieving families and as a beautiful tribute to the lives of their children.  

      The original garden was dedicated in October 1999 and had few plants; no benches and a dirt path outlining the future brick walk way. Many families who attended this dedication expressed their appreciation for the mere existence of such a place and for the commitment to its future growth and maintenance.

      Over the next several years the garden grew and flourished. Plantings, bricks, benches and a handcrafted birdhouse were added. In May 2000, the first engraved bricks were installed, and are now numbered at 500.

      In 2003 the garden faced a major crisis. It had to be moved. The construction plans to expand the hospitals buildings and roadways were forcing the garden to relocate, approximately 60 feet back, from the original location. Many pictures were taken to be sure the garden was returned to its original form. In July 2005 the boulder was moved and the garden again was reestablished.

      The garden has gone through many changes and will continue to grow as it fulfills its promise as a place of solace and respite for families and a peaceful and beautiful tribute to the children who are so dearly missed.

The Bereavement Committee would like to thank the following people and community groups, for their voluntary donations, their time and continued support throughout the life of the garden.

  • Dr. Strongwater
  • John Calstrom
  • Carl Ritter
  • Rich Gibney
  • Kiwanis
  • Bissett Nursery
  • The Little Angel Fund
  • The American Legion Harbor post
  •  The original Bereavement Committee
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