Healthcare Teleservices directs a department that includes the Cancer Helpline (1.800.862.2215), HealthConnect® (631.444.4000), a consumer information line; and Doc-to-DocTM (1.800.MDS.3322), which is a physician to physician referral line.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that the medical information found on this and other web sites is not intended to replace the services of a trained healthcare professional or to be used as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The user should regularly consult a physician in all matters relating to his or her health, and particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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Stony Brook's HealthConnect® systems provides community physicians and prospective patients with a direct link to physicians and medical services at Stony Brook. Callers wishing information about medical services, physician referrals or appointment scheduling may call HealthConnect®, our consumer helpline, at 631.444.4000. The system also offers a physician to physician referral line, Doc-to-Doc. This line assists community physicians in reaching physician colleagues at Stony Brook as quickly as possible.

To deal effectively with today's healthcare system, it is essential for patients to understand the language used by managed care companies, hospitals, and physicians: this glossary provides definitions of important terms, as well as links to related services at Stony Brook University Medical Center. Visit our Healthcare Glossary for definitions of frequently used terms.

For online information about specific health concerns or problems, you can visit the following outstanding sites on the Internet which offer searchable electronic libraries and/or health links:

Health Care Topics

A health information gateway provided by the U.S. government.

Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide
Provided by the American Heart Association.



Cancer Helpline


The Cancer Helpline number is 1-800-862-2215.
The line is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


Early detection of cancer is the best way to ensure the greatest chance for cure. Stony Brook University Medical Center's, exclusive Cancer Helpline encourages you to act and increases the opportunities for early detection. It's easy personal, and confidential. It's the only public service of its kind on all of Long Island staffed by oncology nurses. They make it easy for you to ask questions. As experienced oncology nurses on this state-of-the-art network, they are sensitive healthcare professionals attuned to your specific needs and concerns.

The Stony Brook University Medical Center Cancer Helpline oncology nurses will work with you to make sure you get current accurate information. All of this is supported by a database with the latest information from the Stony Brook University Medical Center, National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and approved reference texts. Stony Brook Cancer Helpline nurses can help you with questions about prevention, risks, screening, detection, diagnosis, treatments, second opinions, and current research. If you don't understand the terminology, they will explain what the words mean. If you need more than just information, the cancer nurses can match you with physicians or community services that you may need. It's that simple. 


The physicians and scientists at the Stony Brook University Medical Center continually develop, test, and refine new treatments that give hope to today's cancer patients. Innovative use of technology has put the center at the forefront of cancer research and treatments. Stony Brook's cancer specialists are available to treat all forms of cancer and have areas of special interest in breast, skin, gastrointestinal, gynecologic, urologic, neurologic, and lung cancers.

If you'd like an appointment for an examination, a referral to one or more of our cancer specialists, or a second opinion, our nurses can schedule an appointment for you with a specialist in your area of concern.


The following links contain valuable information on Cancer:



When you are pressed for time, the last thing you need is trouble reaching a colleague with whom you wish to confer. And, in the technologically advanced age of automated calling systems, we know how frustrating it is to deal with a series of voice mail boxed and push-button response systems. What you really want is a person at the other end of the phone who provides prompt and personal attention.

That's why the Stony Brook University Medical Center recently launched DOC-TO-DOC, the special telephone service tailored to meet your consulting and referral needs. Answered by a service professional familiar with the center's wide array of services, the DOC-TO-DOC telephone system provides you with easy and fast access to the specialist you wish to speak with.

DOC-TO-DOC is expressly designed to assist community and staff physicians in accessing the full range of services available at Stony Brook University Medical Center. Each call is handled efficiently and effectively, without the long waits and switching from one extension to another that can waste a physician's valuable time.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art computer network, our service professionals will make sure you connect with the doctor you need. Your telephone counselor will stay on the line with you until your connection has been made. DOC-TO-DOC's commitment to personalized service ensures that calls are not lost or transferred multiple times.

The DOC-TO-DOC line allows the calling physician to easily arrange consults and patient referrals, discuss new patient care techniques, learn about the latest research protocols.

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 For additional information, please call HealthConnect® at (631) 444-4000.

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