Division Activities

Our Division provides a highly structured research experience to postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. In addition to “as needed” meetings with the faculty, they participate in the following activities.

Journal Club
Both labs have a weekly Journal Club in which members of the lab review periodically recent relevant papers.


Report on National Meetings
Lab members who attend national or international meetings report to the group during a dedicated one-hour session important recent advances presented at that meeting.

Annual Scientific Retreat (Rigas Lab) - All lab members participate in an annual scientific retreat. The purpose of this one-day retreat is to review progress during the previous years and discuss future plans in an open forum and in a relaxed atmosphere.
Symposia - We organize symposia on a Prevention-related topic with invited speakers from all over the world.
Guest Lecturers - Periodically, an invited outside speaker gives a lecture on a topic of interest.
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