Our Division organizes Scientific Symposia on topics relevant to our work. These heavily attended events are open to the entire scientific community at Stony Brook.

Our first Symposium on "Nitric Oxide and Cancer Prevention" was held on November 10, 2004. It was chaired by the co-discoverer of nitric oxide, 1998 Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro.

Three distinguished speakers, Drs. Rustgi, Yang and Wink, presented their data, as did Dr. Rigas.

Dr. Basil Rigas: "NO-NSAIDs and Cancer Prevention"

Dr. Rigas and group with Nobel laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro

The inescapable "NO"

Dr. Craig C. Malbon : Vice-Dean Scientific Affairs, School of Medicine

Panel discussion on "Nitric Oxide and cancer prevention"



Our second Symposium , "Biomedical Technology for a Global Age " was held on September 26, 2007 in cooperation with the Department of Technology & Society.








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