Ninche Alston

Ninche Alston, B.S., M.S.   Ninche3 
Consultant, Animal Specialist

e-mail: alston@pharm.stonybrook


Ninche Alston received his BS and MS degrees in Biology at Adelphi University in Garden City New York. Most recently, in the department of pharmacology at Stony Brook University he worked on the signaling mechanism that promotes neural progenitor cell recruitment after brain injury. Prior to this study he successfully generated a mouse model by modifying chromosome-engineered alleles via germline transmission. This included the corresponding lesion present in autistic patients (16p deletion), as well as the reciprocal lesion (16p duplication), and the conditional model (the floxed deletion).  This work was conducted at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, New York.  

Having also worked on the Endocrine pancreas in the Dept of Diabetes, Endocrinolgy and Metabolism at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN, and the Exocrine Pancreas in the dept of Pharmacological Sciences at Stony Brook University, Ninche has a broad knowledge of the pancreas. Currently he is developing new animal models to test the efficacy of various novel anti-cancer drugs.

Selected Publications:

1. Weeks BS, Alston NI, Cadet P, Zhu W, Rialas C, and Stefano GB. Morphine reduces herpes simplex virus-1 pathogenesis in the murine flank. (2001). International Journal of Molecular Medicine 8: 303-307.

2. Peter O. Wiebe PO, Zaret KS, Alston NI, V.E. Wright CV, Stein RW, and Gannon M.  Ptf1a binds to and activates Area III, a highly conserved region of the Pdx1 promoter that mediates early pancreas-wide Pdx1 expression Mol. Cell. Biol. published ahead of print on 2 April 2007, doi:10.1128/MCB.01978-06.

3. Bombardelli L, Carpenter ES, Wu AP, Alston N, DelGiorno KE, and Crawford HC.  Pancreas-Specific Ablation of ß1 Integrin Induces Tissue Degeneration by Disrupting Acinar Cell Polarity. Gastroenterology, Volume 138, Issue 7, Pages 2531-2540.e4, June 2010.

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