About the Center

Our Mission

The Breast Care Center will have many roles within Stony Brook University Medical Center. First, it will provide easily accessible screening and integrated multi specialty evaluation for women with a breast lesion. Expert care by surgical, medical and radiation oncologists will be rapidly available. Appropriate comprehensive support services will also be provided, regardless of ability to pay.

Second, the Center will serve as an education focus for medical students, surgical residents, primary care residents, and oncology fellows. It will also serve as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst the oncology specialists.

Third, the Center will be an active participant in ongoing and new clinical trials. The Center will help recruit and evaluate patients for research protocols and collaborate with basic science researchers in breast cancer.

Fourth, the Center will represent a resource for community physicians, leaders and women seeking information and education on the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Fifth, the Center will participate and support public relations campaigns originated by Stony Brook University Medical Center.

Breast Care Services

This multi-disciplinary service brings together clinical faculty and staff from the Departments of Medicine, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Preventive Medicine, Medical and Radiation Oncology, Radiology and Surgery. It provides screening through mammography and ultrasound with prompt diagnosis. Women with abnormalities or suspected breast disease are seen and examined by specialized breast surgeons within a timely period. The most modern techniques of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation oncology are available, as well as rehabilitative and support services designed to assist women who have had treatment for primary cancer of the breast. Biopsies can be performed in our state of the art operating suite under conscious sedation provided by a certified anesthesiologist. Our Breast Center also serves as the site for our clinical and research programs providing the latest in therapeutic advances for the treatment of breast cancer.

  • Mammography screening
  • Ultrasound
  • Stereotactic core breast biopsy
  • Clinical and surgical evaluations
  • Primary and secondary consultants
  • Family history evaluations
  • Clinical prevention and treatment trials
  • Patient education
  • Rehabilitation and support services
  • Caring state-of-the-art treatment
  • Access to National Research Programs
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