Faculty Advisors


We have a robust advising program for our students.


There are two categories of advisors: CORE advisors and SECONDARY advisors. Core advisors are faculty that have been selected by the program due to their committment to the students, their expertise and reputation.

CORE Advisors: We highly recommend that you meet with the core advisors once a quarter. Any issue that you need help with may be discussed confidentially with your advisor. The Early Advisor is assigned to you to help you in the first two years and the Late Advisor is chosen by you as you pursue your career interests. Please click here for a list of  Early Core Advisors and click here for a list of Late Core Advisors.

SECONDARY Advisors: Secondary advisors are busy clinicians and or researchers who have volunteered their services to help guide students on an as needed basis as they decide their career paths. Please click here for a list of the secondary advisors. We recommend that you discuss your career options with several secondary advisors as well, in addition to your core advisors. Generally, the department chair, the residency program director and the clerkship director are useful resources to use.

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