AAOB Award in Oral Biology

At the 1997 AAOB business meeting, it was agreed that the AAOB will initiate in 1998 an award program which will honor graduating senior dental students who have been involved in research in Oral Biology during their dental school career. Such an award will be given once a year to a senior dental student in each dental school at their spring student awards ceremony. A committee to establish the Oral Biology Award was commissioned at the spring 1997 AAOB business meeting in Orlando. The award program operates as follows: In January of each year a letter is sent to the Dean of each Dental School in the United States and Canada. In addition, AAOB members at international dental schools are also encouraged to arrange for this award to be given at their institution. This letter will explain the purpose of the award, list the criteria for the award, give information on the AAOB as the sponsoring organization of the award and give the deadline for submission of the needed information on the candidate. The information requested will include a brief description of the student's research and academic accomplishments, publications, presentations and academic rank. The criteria for the award encompass original research, critical thinking, future research potential, high academic standing, interest or appreciation for teaching, and furthering of public understanding of oral biology. After receiving the names of the nominees, certificates will be printed and distrubuted. This award will give recognition to deserving dental students as well as to introduce them to the AAOB.

International members are also invited to participate in this program at their institution. International members should contact the Committee Chair directly to receive information and nomination forms for this award program.

For information on the AAOB Award in Oral Biology, contact:

Edwin L. Thomas
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